Here’s Our Following Promise To You

We promise to provide you…

  • A superior fitting custom garment
  • Satisfaction both in your experience with us and with the quality of your clothing
  • Elegance and style in your clothing
  • A clothing that mirrors your individuality and your drive to succeed
  • 10-day Guarantee Fit policy on your purchase -- which means no risk for you! -- should you decide for any reason that our suit is not right for you or need any alterations, we will take care of it for you (but we hope you understand that we can only offer this to suits that are returned in never worn condition)

We take careful consideration to make sure the measurements are precise, the materials are of a quality kind, and the final product radiates premium craftsmanship because, let’s face it, every man deserves to look his best, but since we are also human, we are prone to make mistakes every now and then.

On the off chance that happens, we will do our absolute best to make it up to you by making sure the alterations and remakes are done exactly the way you like them. Just take a deep breath and — if you are in Edmonton, Alberta or Cleveland, Ohio – return your garment to your Style Advisor.

If you are not in those two areas then we will help you locate the best tailor in your area who will perform the alterations for you. Just send us your receipt and we will reimburse you for up to $50. In the needle-in-a-haystack chance that no person on earth is capable of altering your clothing, contact us and we will provide a solution for you.

Superior Fit

Self-Made understands that every client is different, no suit is the same. Our tailors are exceptional at crafting the perfect suit, they understand the right fit takes more than just measurements, but also takes experience and skill to assess each clients profile and their personal preference.

Premium Craftsmanship

Self-Made garments are hand crafted by superior tailors to give them lasting durability. Garments can come with horsehair canvas, personalized embroideries, functional buttons, premium lining, and more.

Shirt Monograms

Blazer Customizations

Superior Quality

Unique Lining Options

Custom Design
Custom Design